Do Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Exist?

As you consider a dog adoption in San Diego, you have to understand that owning a dog is a lot of work. You will be responsible for his wellbeing right from feeding him to exercising one to three times a day. The amount of work you put in will depend on the dog breed. Even so, it is good to note that there are certain dog breeds that are considered to be low maintenance.

What do you want in a low maintenance dog?
This is the first question you need to answer. In the search for a low maintenance dog, people look at it in the form of dogs that can be left alone for hours and dogs that require the least attention in relation to grooming, and exercising. Even with the ideal dog breed in mind, you need to understand that dogs have their own personality. This is why you need to spend some time observing and mingling with the dog in a shelter before considering him for an adoption. With a puppy adoption, you need to remember that the longest you can leave a puppy that is younger than 6 months alone is 2 hours. Puppies demand a lot of attention. When picking a dog, the key is to be realistic.

Apartment dogs
If you live in an apartment, you want a dog that can do well in an apartment. The good news is that you will find exactly what you need here. Apartment dogs are typically smaller in size and have fewer exercise requirements. These dogs still require regular playtime, walks and healthy activities every day but they are not as demanding as the large, active dogs. The best small dogs for the apartment life include the following:

  • Miniature Poodles
  • Coton de Tulear
  • Bichon Frise
  • Maltese or Toy
  • Chihuahua

Big dogs
The larger dogs should also not be ignored in a dog rescue in San Diego. They can also be left on their own and still feel comfortable. The reality is that size is not always the indication of the amount of energy a dog has. There are certain large breeds that are very laid back. The only drawback is that large dogs suffer from a range of bone-related diseases as they age. Regular exercise is needed to maintain their health. Popular breeds that can be left alone include:

  • Labra doodle
  • Bullmastiff
  • Greyhound
  • Shar-Pei

Although some dog breeds are low maintenance, all dogs need exercises and human company. If you go with a puppy rescue, you should be prepared to spend the most time with him. Increase the duration you leave a puppy alone gradually as he gets older.

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