Crucial Supplies for a Senior Dog

dog adoptionIf you are considering a dog adoption in San Diego, you need to think about the dogs that are least likely to be adopted. Senior dogs are rarely adopted. As a result, they end up being euthanized. One thing you need to understand about senior dogs is that they are special not because of their age but because they are obedient and very sweet. If you want to bring home a senior dog, there are certain supplies you will need to get to make his life easier.

Pet stairs
A senior dog is prone to a wide range of health issues among them hip dysplasia and arthritis. This means he will not be as energetic and active as a puppy. Going up a set of stairs or getting on the sofa will not be easy for him. You can make things easy with pet stairs. You, however, don’t want your aging dog to climb up too high as he could fall.

Most people consider dog toys when going for a puppy adoption. Senior dogs also love to play and will love having toys around. There are toys that are designed specifically for the elderly dogs. Toys for senior dogs are made using special rubber that is ideal for the aging teeth of the dog. You will also be able to find toys that can be stuffed with treats. The team in the animal shelter or your vet can give recommendations on the best toys to buy.

Pet diapers
Urinary incontinence is a common problem with the senior dogs. You need to consider buying diapers for your elderly dog. The type of diaper you purchase will depend on your pet. The belly band diapers are perfect. Disposable diapers are also available. You can also go with the option of washable diapers. These are the most comfortable ones to wear. As you get ready for a dog rescue in San Diego, you can ask the team at the shelter for help. They probably sell the pet diapers that you need.

Lifting harness
Hip diseases are common with the senior dogs. These problems can make it hard for the dog to stand up and walk. If your dog is too weak, you should consider buying a lifting harness. This will make it easy for you to support his weak legs. There are many types of harnesses: lifting harnesses, back braces, full body harnesses and rear end harnesses.

Your aging dog will need supplements. The bodies of cats and dogs don’t absorb nutrients as efficiently. This is why you need to give your aging dog supplements. You should also feed him a healthy diet.

Pet camera
After your first puppy rescue, you may want to keep an eye on him every minute. This is what led to the birth of pet cameras. Needless to say, you can also get a pet camera to monitor your aging dog. The camera works like a baby monitor.

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