Common New Owner Puppy Mistakes to Avoid

A puppy adoption in San Diego is always an exciting experience. However, you have to note that you cannot treat a puppy the same way you treat an adult dog. Puppies are unique. In this post, we will be looking at the mistakes most dog owners make after getting a puppy.

Not being consistent
This is the most common mistake people make. After a dog adoption, you must establish consistent rules. Most people end up confusing their dogs by applying rules inconsistently. For example, if you decide your puppy must never be on the sofa, this is a rule you have to apply all the time. Allowing him up on the sofa for cuddles over the weekend will only end up confusing him.

Leaving him unattended during toilet breaks
Another common mistake is leaving the dog unattended during toilet breaks. When you leave him alone, he will most likely start playing instead of focusing on the job at hand. You need to be with your puppy and don’t forget to praise him for peeing in the specified toilet spot. Praising him strengthens the training.

Rising a puppy while working
It is not fair to leave a puppy alone for more than four hours. If you must be away from him for a long period of time, ask a friend or even a dog walker to come and be with the puppy. To give the puppy more freedom while you are at work, you should us a pen. Place his bed in one corner and the puppy pads in the other corner. Make sure you specify a toilet corner for the puppy to relieve himself in.

Not monitoring the puppy when away
When they are bored, dogs can cause havoc. They can chew on furniture, knock things down, bark uncontrollably and do other undesirable things. The good news is that you can still keep an eye on your dog while you are away. All you need to do after a dog rescue in San Diego is to purchase a pet camera. These cameras will help you keep an eye on your pet at all times. Some of these cameras also come with a communicator which allows you to talk to your dog even from miles away. This is a great investment that will give you the much desired peace of mind.

Taking long to train
Training should start as early as 8 weeks. Start with the basic commands: sit, stay, come and look. The sooner you start training your dog the better. Potty training must always be on top of your list.

Rewarding bad behavior
Never let your dog out of the crate because he is barking or scream at him to stop barking. To dogs, these actions are perceived as rewards. Liaising with a good dog trainer will help you learn how to reward your dog after a puppy rescue.

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