Best Tips for Choosing a Shelter Dog

When it comes to dog ownership, a dog adoption in San Diego offers the perfect option. This is a noble option that enables you to give a homeless dog a forever home. The option is also much cheaper than going through a pet store or a breeder. All in all, when it comes to the adoption of a dog from a shelter, there are a number of things you should consider doing.

Know the perfect breed for you
The first thing is obviously to do a thorough research on dog breeds that would be perfect for you. Not everyone will be comfortable with a Chihuahua. Some people will do best with a more energetic dog breed like the German shepherd. You need to evaluate your lifestyle and research the dog breeds that would be perfect for you. This is the key to finding the perfect breed in a puppy adoption.

Observe the dog in a kennel
Now that you know which dog breed to focus on, the next step is to spend some time observing the target dog breed in a shelter. See if the dog seems calm, friendly and relaxed. For the rescue dogs, they might seem stressed, nervous or fearful. A dog with a troubled past will also be afraid of people or other dogs as they walk by. This is very common but it is a problem that can be fixed with proper dog training.

Ask for information about the mother
If you are going for a puppy rescue in San Diego, you should ask for information about the mother. More often than not, if the mother is still around, you will get this information. Focus more on the health of the mother. The reason for this is because there are certain hereditary dog diseases. If the mother is healthy, there is a good chance that the puppy will also grow into a healthy dog.

Ask a friend for help
It is very easy to be distracted by other cute dogs in an animal shelter. This is why you should consider the help of a trusted friend when deciding on the dog to adopt. Your friend should be familiar with the traits of the perfect dog for you. Whenever you are about to make reckless decisions, your friend will give you a reality check.

When it comes to a dog rescue, the last thing you want is to go home with the dog that is the wrong fit for you. The last thing you want is for that perfect dog to be a burden. This happens when you make rush decisions. Select a dog not because he is cute but because you can comfortably care for him.

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