Basic Components of Dog Temperament to Understand Before an Adoption

dog adoptionA dog adoption is a noble thing to do. You get to give a dog a permanent home and also save him from being put down. Although an adoption is a good thing, you have to be very careful before selecting a dog breed. An area you need to focus more on is on the dog’s temperament. Here are some basic information you need to have about dog temperament.

Willing or unwilling
Willingness refers to the work ethics of a dog. This is his interest in performing tasks. For example, a golden retriever is always willing to fetch. There are some breeds that are nothing short of stubborn. They require a reward for them to engage in activities. They need a good reason to do something.

Prior to going through with a puppy adoption in San Diego, you must first know what you need the dog for. You then need to consider the willingness of the breeds that are available and select the one that will not frustrate you.

Dependent or independent
This is yet another important component you need to consider in the temperament of a dog. The first point you need to understand is that the more independent the dog is the less desire for human affection, attention, praise or companionship it will need. Dependent dogs, on the other hand, crave attention and companionship. For a companion dog, you will need a breed that is dependent. Work dogs need to be independent.

Mentally sensitive or insensitive
Mental sensitivity refers to the degree at which your dog is affected by your emotions. Dogs don’t understand the human expression of frustration, anger, sadness or depression. They will, however, become upset and anxious when we are. A dog that is insensitive will be less affected by your moods. Prior to going through with a dog rescue, you must understand that your emotions will affect him. The important thing is never to take out your anger on your dog.

It is good to note that some breeds are quite dominant. These are dogs that need a strong master else they will take the lead and start controlling you. If you know you are not a strong leader, you should avoid dominant breeds in a puppy rescue in San Diego. The last thing you want is a dog that does what it wants simply because you didn’t establish yourself as the pack leader.

These are the main components you need to understand about dog temperaments before proceeding with an adoption. Due diligence is required so as to better understand the breed you are going for. Pick a dog that suits your lifestyle.

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